I Know What You Did Last Summer

My name is Missy Egan.
Are you girls from Maribel?

- No, Southport.
- I went to Southport High.

- You looked familiar. What year?
- Class of '88.

Your name, "Egan", sounds familiar.
Did you have a brother?

I did, but he was younger than me.

- What class was he?
- '92. But he died last July.

- I'm so sorry.
- Thanks.

Do you live alone?
Yeah. I do.
My daddy died a long time ago
and my mother's in a home.

She didn't take too well
to what happened to David.

Things haven't been the same
since he died.

They're on their way.
I could make you guys a cup of tea
while you're waiting.

- Thanks.
- That's nice of you.

I think I remember David.
He had a friend. What was his name?

Didn't he hang out with this guy...?
What was his name?

I didn't know too many
of David's friends.

There was one guy...
He stopped by not too long after
David's death, to pay his respects.