I Know What You Did Last Summer

- Are you sure he was dead?
- I saw him... with these crabs.

You do it.
He was there. And he was
wearing your jacket, Barry.

- Did the crabs carry him away?
- I believe you, Julie.

- He took the body.
- Why would he do that?

Why did he try to run you over,
and make coleslaw on Helen's head?

- Let's go back to the house.
- Where's your jacket, Barry?

Don't you see? He's got us.
We can't go to the police now.

He's watching us and waiting.
What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?
What are you doing here?
- I've been looking for you guys.
- You're gonna die.

- Stop it.
- I didn't do anything.

- You're fucking lying!
- Leave him alone. Get a grip.

- Wake up, Julie. He's behind this.
- He's after me. Too.

I got a letter.
A letter? I got run over,
Helen gets her hair chopped off, -