I want another loan from you.
I need money.
How much?
Two thousand guilders.
Tomorrow at 9 a.m. at the bank.
You wanted another loan?
You were free of him at last.
You didn't need to see him again.
But you went back and
started again?

I wanted to challenge him.
To beat him.

There's a lawyer for you, and
the coroner wants to talk to you.

Mr Katadreuffe,
your militancy comes from
your mother.

Your birth was a fight too.
I remember, she suffered
strange contractions.

As if she didn't want you bom.
You approached Dreverhaven
because you wanted to defeat him.

I can understand that, but why...
Did Dreverhaven accept?
Dreverhaven didn't need to.
He had already won...

Several times.
What did Dreverhaven want?
At first I thought
it was business.

Next morning
he lent me the whole sum.

The interest was only 8 percent.
But there was one explicit clause
You realise Mr Dreverhaven
can reclaim his loan at any moment?

- You mean that...
- That at any moment, we can reclaim the money,