Kiss the Girls

I told them who you were, her uncle.
They said she's been missing
for four days.

- Four days!
- The Durham Police is on it now.

- The guy I talked to sounded solid.
- Don't talk to him, talk to me.

- They stole my child!
- Now, May, take it easy.

We'll handle it together, but with your
high blood pressure, I need you to relax.

- But what if...?
- Now, you just take it easy.

Relax and breathe.
I want to tell you something.

Remember when Naomi
was about ten, she got lost?

You got frantic because you thought
we'd never find her.

You were worried
she'd have an asthma attack.

It turned out she was just fine.
Well, everything will be fine now,
because I'll handle this myself.

You know you can trust me.
I'll handle this.

I trust you.
Nana is going to take you up to
Janell's room. Just relax for a while.

- I don't need to relax.
- May... May...

Good. All right.
- I'll have to go down there.
- Listen, Alex. Stay here.

If they've a chance to wrap it up, how
long will they hunt for one lost black girl?

Stay here. I'll go down there. You can't
do anything, it's out of yourjurisdiction.

You don't understand. I've got to go.
Please, talk to me.
Talk to me the way you used to.
Please, say something.

Please! I'm sorry.