How unfortunate.
Why don't we ask all
the Chinese living here to leave?

If there are no Chinese in Tibet,
we cannot be a Chinese region.

[ Chuckles Quietly ]
Very good, Kundun.

It is time we remind
the world we are independent,
would you say, Holiness?

Can lndia help us? They know
we are not a part of China.

India is a newly independent nation.
They are struggling.

They are in no position
to help us.

Britain chooses not to.
And America?
America. America.
We shall see, Holiness.

I shall write a letter
to the president of America.

Excellent, Kundun.
I will go see
Reting Rinpoche now.

I must advise against that,

I want Reting Rinpoche
well cared for.

He is my teacher.
He found me.

It will be as you say, Holiness.
I need to know
what you know now.

I'm no longer a child.
[ British Radio Announcer ]
And so, Mao Tse-tung
has called for all-out war.

He will settle for nothing less
than a red China.

Will the lron Curtain
descend over Asia, as it has
over Russia and Eastern Europe?

It is conceivable that this declaration
of war, following 20 years of fighting,

may mark the final moments
of a free China.