L.A. Confidential

Come to Los Angeles.
The sun shines bright.
The beaches are wide and inviting.
And the orange groves
stretch as far as the eye can see.

There are jobs aplenty. Land is cheap.
Every workingman can have his own house.
And inside every house,
a happy all-American family.

You can have all this.
And who knows ?

You could even be discovered...
... become a movie star,
or at least see one.

Life is good in Los Angeles.
It's paradise on earth.
That's what they tell you, anyway.
Because they're selling an image.
They're selling it through movies,
radio and television.

In the hit show, Badge of Honor,
the L.A. cops walk on water...

... as they keep the city
clean of crooks.

You'd think this place
was the Garden of Eden.

But there's trouble in paradise...
... and his name is Meyer Harris Cohen,
Mickey C, to his fans.

Local L.A. color to the nth degree.
And his number one bodyguard...
... Johnny Stompanato.
Mickey C's the head
of organized crime in these parts.

He runs dope, rackets and prostitution.
He kills a dozen people a year.
And the dapper little gent
does it in style.

And every time his picture's
on the front page...

... it's a black eye
for the image of Los Angeles.

Because how can organized crime exist...
... in the city with the best
police force in the world ?

Something has to be done.
But nothing too original,
because, hey, this is Hollywood.