L.A. Confidential

He went around back !
I'm Lieutenant Exley.
I'm sorry to ask you this.
I need to know when they left you.

Get her to the hospital.
Excuse me.

Give your career a rest.
Leave her alone.
A naked guy with a gun ?
who'll believe that ?

Get the fuck away from me.
How'll it look in your report ?
It'll look like justice.
That's what the man got.

You don't know the meaning of the word.
You think it means
getting your picture in the paper.

Go after criminals for a change.
Stensland got what he deserved
and so will you.

It's best to stay away
when his blood is up.

His blood's always up.
Perhaps you should
stay away from him altogether.

Raymond Collins, Ty Jones
and Louis Fontaine.

They are considered armed and dangerous.
The Nite Owl suspects have escaped.

How'd they get out the window ?
They jumped from the 2nd floor.
Girl said they left her at 12.
They could get to the Nite Owl by 1.

The question was,
where did they get their drugs ?

I haven't gotten that far yet.
""Roland Navarette
lives on Bunker Hill, runs a hole-up... ""

Anyone seen Jack Vincennes ?
Is something up ?