Money Talks

I don't trust your ass.
How I know this exclusive shit
gonna clear my name?

I guess you don't.
But without me,
you'll probably end up dead.

They need someone to blame.
Right now, it's you.
What do you say?
I ain't staying
in this neighborhood.

I can't stay here
for no two days.

That's right. You can't.
What you talkin' about?
You're coming to my wedding.
Your wedding? Shit! Hell, no.
I ain't going nowhere.
Po-po looking for me.

Trying to kill me?
Staying on the low-low.

God damn.
How you do that?
Did a report once
on escape artists...

and the women who love them.
Teach me how to do that shit.
There's no time.
We got time.
I need you to take a shower,
shave, lose the earring...

and, please, do something
about that hair of yours.

What you talkin' about?
My 'do is tight.

Every cop in the city
is looking for that tight 'do.

I'll hook up the hair, but
I ain't touching the earring...

'cause I'm still a player!
I'm gonna make a phone call.
I don't think
there's any hot water left.

You heard me.
Punk-ass white boy.
This tub better be clean.

Who is it?
Barclay, it's James.
How you doing?

I got Franklin Hatchett.
Don't play games with me.
Words like that give me
a stiffy.

At my age, I can't waste them.
I'm not kidding you.
He's at my place safe and sound.

You're rehired.

I thought I was supposed
to clear out by Monday.

Didn't you say that?
You didn't really take
me seriously, did you?

You're Pulitzer material.
I've always said that.

I'll send a camera crew...
down to the 20th precinct
in an hour.

Not a chance. I'm going
to keep him until Monday.

For sweeps week.
Don't be foolish.