Nothing To Lose

Where do l start?
lt´s not you.
Well, actually, it is you.
Look, l´m just not--
l´m not attracted
to you any more.

l need space.
You kinda--
You kinda gross me out.
ln the beginning, it was different.
ln the beginning, you were better.

But then l got to know you
real well, and...

l-- l came to realize...
that you´re a fat idiot.
-l got ya. l got ya. l got ya. l got ya.
-Okay. Okay.

- Okay, okay, okay. Let me try it.
- You gotta be straight.

- Okay.
- Straight face.
- Okay, okay.
- All right.

- l want a divorce.
- Why?

lt´s a physical thing.
- Physical?
- l´ve been experimenting
with other men lately.

A lot of other men
and women.

l don´t know. l mean, Antonio can do
this thing with his tongue...

and William´s stamina
is amazing.

And as far as hands go,
well, your father´s hands are--

You are no match.
l have no equal.