Nothing To Lose

There´s so much as a sneeze
out there l wanna feel the mist.

l hear a voice
- Give me all your money and a Yoo Hoo.
- The money´s all locked up.

That´ll be 79 cents, please.
l said
Come on, little prisoner

l got something to say
Something stinks, man.
You sure you ain´t got
a gas leak?

- lt´s my shoes.
- Your shoes?

You ever heard of Dr Scholl´s?
l spilled some gas on my shoes
at the gas station.

You know,
the one you robbed.

- Oh, so you got a camcorder up in here.
- What are you doing?

l´m just
checkin´ it out, man.

- Pu-- Pu-- Put it down.
- l ain´t gonna break it, man.

Just let me check it out.
Just let me see.

Yo, this is your wife?
Man, l see why
you were upset.

Not bad, Nick.
Not bad, Nick.

l mean, you know,
for a cheatin´ bitch.

Look, don´t you call her that.
You-- You don´t know her.
Don´t call her that.

Okay. No disrespect. Okay?
What should l call her?
Monogamously challenged?
- God.
- l was just fuckin´ with you, man.

You know, this is an all right camera
for a regular eight.

- lt´s the best on the market.
- Let me explain something to you, Nick.

lf you ain´t got digital,
you ain´t got shit.