Oscar and Lucinda

Harvey Briggs has
bought himself a steamer.

Oh, he can take us
up to Pittwater.

Or across to
Mossman's Bay.

- Who'd trust Briggsy with a steamer?
- I would rather Pittwater.

We could take her out for the day.
Look at this.
Two weeks ago...

she spilled them everywhere.
- Have you had enough of cards?
- Oh, please, just one more hand.

You have already lost three guineas,
and it is after 2:00.

One more hand.
D'Abbs, you're to be looking out for the girl's
money, not trying to take it from her.

- She is free to leave, Fig.
- Pass.

- Pass.
- Five, with hearts.

- Pass.
- Eight, with spades.

A duck to water.
She's caught the bug.

We are corrupting you.
I am jealous of your passion, I must admit.
- You are making fun of me.
- Not at all.

I am a cold man warming myself
at someone else's fire.

You will help me to exercise it carefully,
with caution?

We shall co-opt, of course. I have a friend...
a clever chap called Wilson.

- I wish you'd let me carry those.
- Oh, they're nothing. I have
worked on a farm, you know.

London, of course,
is where you should go.

London? But I have only
just arrived here.

To buy the very latest machinery.
That will make Sydney sit up.

- Is he...
- Yes, miss.

I have signed!
I own the glassworks.
My congratulations.
I must confess
to feeling scared.

I broke with my friend
Tom Wilson this afternoon.

Why is that?
He said things about you
that are scurrilous.

He said things about you
that are scurrilous.