Oscar and Lucinda

- Um, where shall I find you?
- What?

I'm in first cla...
first class.

In order that I exist, two gamblers...
one obsessive,
the other compulsive...

must declare themselves.
You must excuse me
for not coming earlier.

Of course.
You must come
and look at my view.

The purser calls them
landscape windows, but I argue...

they should rather be called seascape win...
You... You see, I, uh...
I have a phobia
about the ocean.

Yes, my... my father
was a naturalist...

and was in the ocean
all the time.

I, too, when I was
a little chap...

but I developed a nervousness about it,
like some have with heights.

So to come up here
with all this glass...

to hear your confession...
I feared it was more
than I could manage.

But I owe you an apology. I'm...