there's only a half-hour left
Literature. Count ugolino
current events?
ugolino 50,000, drugs 30,000
i have one ready
on the european union for 20,000

it's worth b, b+
do drugs
send someone in 15 minutes
i can only do three paragraphs
otherwise you won't able to
copy them all

make it good or i'm gonna fail
i was respected
sometimes even feared

some people may have even liked me
but i was really lonely
and i stayed that way for four long years
in that seat, in the second-to-last row
the first day of my last year
gargani, see what
that strange man wants

finally. How do you get into this school?
Normally, through the front door
it's closed, and it's only 8:30
what, is this the naval academy?
Actually, it's 8:40
wanna know what happened?
I just got here when i realized that
i had my slippers on

i had to go back home to put these on
who are you?
Tommaso paladini. This is 5a, right?
Can i come in?
Make yourself at home
where should i sit? Here?
Perfect! Comfortable seat, great view
i'm ready, go ahead