why did you do it?
Are you gonna tell me
or do i have to guess?

I get it
you saw my house
and you were shocked

horrors! My father's rich. Is it my fault?
May be it is, since even
i'm ashamed to admit it

i promise i'll waste it all as soon as i can
then will you forgive me?
It's not that
i ran into giovanna
how's she doing?
Badly, it seems
that night i tried to kiss her
i realized i had gone too far
so the next night i called her
you called her
to apologize
we talked all night
and then i went to her place
and slept together
in her bed?
Where else? On the floor?
She was acting strange
the next morning

she felt guilty
go figure
she said get out of here
then she ran after me
grabbed me by the hair

then she said sorry
gave me a kiss and burst out laughing

she sat down and said i don't feel good
and then she started crying
i told her i'd see her again that evening
but you never went
i was on my way but i ran out of gas
i started hitch-hiking
and this really nice chick
on her way to rome picked me up
so you came to rome with her
i'm sorry, man, really, but what can i do?
Where're you going?
Home. What's there to do here?
Wait, let me see my cousin lisa tonight
then we'll take off
what, you wanna leave me here
feeling guilty?

Too good
plate, please
this sauce is out of this world
with the bacon my mom sells
at the shop

check it out
they eat pasta that's half-cooked

they say it's easier to digest
they're kinda weird here in rome
they smoke that wacky weed