Posutoman burusu

A girl's handwriting.
By the time this letter reaches
you I may no longer be here.

A break up note...?
I have written on several
occasions and I am concerned,
because I have not received a response.

I hope you are well.
Must've been abandoned...
happens a lot...
I would very much like to apologize one last time.
I am very sorry that I've been a burden
to you even though you are my aunt.

Her aunt...?
Even though you are the only family
that I have please forgive me for
asking you for money and such.

Money problems, huh...
I won't be asking you for any more.
Actually I don't have that much longer to live.
I have cancer... The doctor told me that.
I won't be needing anymore treatment.
Room 12, Sayoko