Private Parts

What is it?
I feel like
such a loser.

It's not your fault.
It was a lame station.

Yeah, it was my fault.
You can't blame a radio station.
It's my screwup.

In what way?
In a way that I gotta
figure out what I'm gonna be.

I mean, I don't want to be
one of these disc jockeys

that runs around the country, you know,
looking for work all the time.

I don't want to end up like that.
It's so sad.

It's so apparent to me now
what I should be doing.

I should be talking
about my personal life.

I've got to get intimate.
And every time I feel like
I shouldn't say something,

maybe I should just say it,
just blurt it out, you know?

I just got to
let things fly.

I got to go all the way.
You didn't go
all the way before?

No. I mean...
No. A lot of times,
I'm just holding back.

Then I guess you should
go all the way.

Hold the sign
nice and low.

With a big smile...
Very sexy...

This is about Howard
coming to Washington.

What's going on here?
Um, we're
shooting a movie.

you got a permit?

Uh, no, we don't
have a permit,

but this is,
like, one line,

and we'll be done with them in a second
and we'll be out of your way.

You can't be there, then.
You're blocking the median.

Come on, you're
gonna have to move.

Um, this if for
the Howard Stern movie.

Wait a minute.
You said Howard Stern?

This is his movie.

Is Howard here?
No, he's not here today,
not in this scene,

but this is his movie.
Come on.
You got to move.

Tsk. Give us a break.
It'll take a second.

Just look right
at the camera,

and say, "Howard
comes to Washington."

Howard comes
to Washington.

Hey, let's go!
Come on!

Howard's, like,
a big fan of the cops.

He loves you guys.
We could have
been done by now.

Guess what.
You are done.

Howard: I was hired by
an FM rock station, DC 101,

and that's when I met
the other woman in my life.

Hi. I'm Robin Quivers,
your newswoman.

Oh. Oh, I'm really looking forward
to working with you.

It's great to meet you.
Same here.
Yeah, this is
gonna be great.

OK, I'm just gonna go over here
and work on my script.

We're almost set.
Ooh. [Clears Throat]