Red Corner

I have growing questions
about what happened that night.

Now, please teII me of your
first contact with Hong Ling.

Did you approach her ?
No, she was modeIIing.
Some kind of a fashion show.

You simply saw her ?
We saw each other.
Your eyes met ?
I guess so.
- Are you sure ?
- Yes. Yes, I'm sure.

So you were attracted to her ?
Yeah. Yes, I was attracted.
Because she was... beautiful ?
I guess so.
You approached her Iater
when you saw her at the table ?

I was over there. She was over here.
She was Iooking at me
and drawing something, so...

You were curious and approached her.
What was she drawing ?

My nose.
She said "Da bi zi".
Da bi zi.
It means... "big nose".
Big nose, yeah. Thanks.
We were sitting there talking,
Iooking at her drawings and