Shit! Where the hell you suppose
he popped up from? Coddammit!

Already got three goddamn tickets.
Vy insurance is gonna go sky high.

Whoa! Stay right where you are.
I didnt ask you to get out of the car.

Hey, Officer, just stretching my legs.
No crime in that, is there?

I want to see your licence and registration.
Yes, sir.
Tell me one thing first.
What in the hell did I do wrong?
You were doing 78 mph in a 55-mile zone
is what the hell you were doing wrong.
Come on! Really?
I can assure you, Officer,
that would be highly unusual for me.
- Im like this with the law.
- Cive me your licence and registration.

Yes, sir.
Coddamn bitch shrank my jeans.
There you go, sir.
Conna tell me who you got with you?
- Them two is my women.
- Bigamy is against the law.

Well... thats why I aint married.
Keeping it legal.
Just get back in your car.
Yes, sir. Not a problem there.
Just sit back behind the wheel.

Therell be a slight delay
while the good officer clears matters up.