What the hell are you tense about?
Come on, lighten up, Rayanne.
Say something.
Come on, our guests gonna think
youre damned mute

if you dont say something.
Co on.
I just wish you would control your temper.
- Bullshit! Thats bullshit.
- You wanted me to say something.

The first thing that comes outta your mouth
is a criticism of me. Is that it?

- No...
- Aw, shut up, woman!

Coddamn women!
Ha! Cant live with em,
cant blow their heads off.

Well, this must be it, huh?
Nope, not yet. Im just stopping here
for a well-deserved beverage.

Damn! Lm as thirsty
as a chipmunk hung out to dry.

Hey! You girls wanna dab in a little beverage?
Not for me.
Well, cant say I didnt try.
Dont want you yapping behind my back now.
Damn, its good to be in America!
- Wake up, Sam!
- Hey, Frank.

The man is here.
- Hows it going?
- Coddamn winds raging.

So hes gotta come here and get his beer.
You like Australian beer? He always gets that.
It reminds him of his dad.

He took off for Australia
and left him when he was ten.

Rayanne, you dont have to stay with him.
Sometimes I wanna take a knife
and cut his heart out.

Honey, you dont wanna do something like that.
Im gonna give you the number
of a womens shelter. Call em any time.