There was this woman.
Shes some kinda secretary or something.
She sees my belt buckle, right?
She says, she goes like this,
Frank, thats a good-looking belt buckle.
I... I dont know, this just popped into my head,
dont ask me how,

I said to her...
Cuess what I said.
Somebody guess what I said!
Frank, what did you say?
I said,
Itd look better
with your forehead pressed against it.

You dont want to experience
my razor-sharp wit back there?

llI just listen to a little music.
- Do you like...
- No, I hate country music.

How can you hate country music?
I just do.
Whats in that book?
Is that right?
Lts a framework for what you might do
if you could change your life.

I know you think its bullshit...
- You took the words right outta my mouth.
... but its not.

Its therapeutic role-playing.
- You like that role-playing thing?
- Yeah. Just like Tarzan and Jane. Right?

You and I are connecting.
You are reading my mind, girl.

And youre driving just a little too fast
for your own good.

- I bet it feels like 55.
- Yeah, it feels like it.

- It wont seem like it to that cop.
- What cop?

Shit, why didnt you tell me?
damn son of a bitch!

Son of a bitch!
Already got three tickets.