Where the hell are you?
What are you coming into my life for?
What the hell you want? Huh?
Lm so sorry I gotta kill you.
Hell, Id like to take you home to my poppa.
Hed like to meet you.
Bitch, where are you?
I tell you what, girl,
llI be nice to you, if youre nice to me.
Hows that?

Call me crazy, Frank,
but somehow I dont quite believe you.

Cet down! Cet down!
What you gonna do, baby?
You gonna shoot me again?

Dont tempt me.
This is about you taking hold of your life,
co-dependant no more.

- Im from Venus, youre from Mars.
- Shut up!

M ovvoe!
You surprised me, maam.
- But Ive got a few trick s up my sleeve too.
- What the hells going on? Who is she?

I dont know.
Who the hell are you?
- Huh?
- Just another Texas girl, Frank.

Thats bullshit!
Youve been sticking your nose in my business.

Noboody khows hmy bs hoess
Not even Rayanne, who is dead,
thank you very much.

How the hell do I live without her?
Youre pathetic!
Anyway, Frank,
you knew she was cheating on you.

How the hell do you know that?
Did she tell you that? Huh?
Whos she doing? Jesse? Who?
Cut it out, Frank.
Take it somewhere else.