- Come and get me.
- Come on out, Frank.

Ts ovvoer
Its not over till that big,
ugly, fat woman sings that little song.

Ya, da-da-da-da!
Sam, I think I found your missing daughter here.
Suppose these are real...
Officer, I can explain.
- Shit.
- I got it covered, Officer! I got her.

Everybody, drop your guns.
- Both of you, put the guns down.
- I cant do that, Officer.

That man wants to kill me
and hes his accomplice.

- Sam?
- I dont know what shes talking about.

- Hes gonna kill you, dont trust him.
- That is bullshit, Officer.

I picked her up hitchhiking. She killed my wife,
shell kill Sam and me. Arrest her.

Bullshit! Hes a thief and a killer. Hes carrying
some sort of contraband. Check in his shirt.

First, everybody put your guns down.
We can work this out.

Come on now.
Well work this out,
but I wont put this down before you disarm him.

You hear her, sir?
Shell lower her weapon if youll lower yours.

Who the hell are you?
OK, thats fair enough.
Hell, youre a professional
law-enforcement officer.

I cant trust you, I cant trust nobody, can I?
Hell, its a shame, Officer.
Real sad to see a woman just snap like that.
Especially such a pretty one.
Sir, Ive got her covered.
Lower your gun and open your shirt.
- What?
- You heard. Put the gun down, open your shirt.