Savrseni krug

nerves, ovaries...
It's all in there.
Where you taking it?
Everywhere! To the children's embassy,
the Red Cross,to Caritas,

to Merhamet,
the goodwill office...

I'll find a place!
What do I do?
Give them the papers!
Say I'm skin and bones!
Miranda has to leave too.

She can leave if she wants to.
It's up to her.
Don't fight over me.
Tell him where your friends are.
Visna's in London...

And... Amra's
in Novi Sad.
Vesna's in Prague...
That's not the problem.
She has to decide for herself. Miranda!

You want to go?
Ready, chief!
The water's over there now!
Don't step on the hose!
Where's your dad?
Up there, arguing.
Will they ever stop?
It's happened, ma'am.

Peace is here! Peace!
What do you mean?
-They announced it.

-Let him talk!

America...Clinton...It's happened!
Right away.