Soul Food

Put your sweater on.
I'm not getting my leg cut off.

Lem Harris?
Simuel St. James...
TERl: Mama, you have to.
Chief Executive
of Sales and Marketing.

There's no blood
circulating to that leg.

LEM: What's happening?
SIMUEL: How you doing?
You're diabetic.
I've been hearing good things
about you.

Especially the way you've been
handling those machines.

MAXINE: You haven't been
watching what you eat.

LEM: I'm no stranger
to hard work.

Ha ha.
That's good to know. Cigar?

Nah. I don't like cigars.
MOTHER JOE: Nobody's
cutting off my leg...

Sorry. You don't mind, do you?
and that's that.
Like I was saying,
it's always good to, you know...

have enthusiastic, hard-working
employees like yourself.

HAROME: Last thing you need
is a G-string.

Especially down there
in printing.

I should give him some, right?

I'm no stranger
to hard work myself.

HAROME: Give it to him.
Sock it to him.

JADA: Give it to him good.
BIRD: What y'all talking about?
JADA: The nasty, darling.
I'm like you.
I'm from the hood, too.
BIRD: Come on, we got clients.
But I make $80,000 a year...
Y'all better slow down.
because I was always willing
to sacrifice...

I finished dumping the garbage.

Thank you.
Help me sweep up this hair...

whatever I had to
to get what I wanted.

then call your mama to see
when she's picking you up.

That's why brothers
got to stick together--

pull one another up
in a time of need.

SIMUEL: What's up, shorty?
The white man ain't gonna do it.
Sooner than you think, you'll
be helping another brother...

Very nice.
just like I helped you.
I see Teri finally gave you
the money to open your shop.

What are you talking about?
Teri didn't give me anything.
It was an investment.

I pulled some strings
to get you hired.

If you had come to me,
I would have given it to you.

What, you didn't know?
Kenny Simmons referred me.
At what cost?
How much you willing
to sacrifice?

No. I know your wife...
Girl, you are gettin' thick.

She told me about
your little felony situation...

and asked me to hook you up
in the printin' department.

BIRD: That'll do it.
They'll help you up front.
See you next week.

Man, me and old Cola,
we, uh, we go way back.

SIMUEL: Mm-mmm.
Let me tell you something, OK?
Who the fuck is Cola?
I am married now.
Oh, no. Ha ha.
Whatever we had going on before
is over with.