Tomorrow Never Dies

Practically invented techno-terrorism.
Started out as a student radical
at Berkeley in the '60s.

Now he sells his politics for cash.
- Zoom in on that, can you?
- That looks like an American encoder.

They use it to control their navigation
satellites: The G.P.S. System.

I wonder, will the C.I.A. Be more upset
that they lost it or that we found it?

Excuse me. Admiral?
Thank you, M, we've seen enough.
This is now a military operation.

You saw the Gatling gun?
Are your troops prepared
for that kind of firepower?

We have election
in Moscow next week.

The president said any loss
of life is unacceptable.

We'll take the naval option.
In one strike, we take out
half the world's terrorists.

- Admiral Roebuck, I must protest.
- Get me the Chester.

- Best not waste time.
- My man isn't finished.

Black King to White Bishop.
Authorization to fire.

Get your man out of there.
His job is over.

Weapons authorized.
Prepare to fire.

On my count.
Five, four, three, two, one.

Missile away.
Time to target:
Four minutes, eight seconds.

White Knight, four minutes to impact.
Get out of there.

Yes, damn it, I know what it is!
It's on the screen in front of me.

It's a jeep in front of a plane.
Now, get the hell out of there!
- What the hell's going on?
- You will not wait!

- That's an order!
- What is your man waiting for?

White Knight?
Oh, my God!

Those are Soviet SB-5
nuclear torpedoes.

- If the Cruise hits them...
- Order them to abort the missile.

- H.M.S. Chester urgent.
- White Knight, come in.

Abort missile.
Abort missile.

- Abort missile.
- Abort missile.

Captain, sir,
missile out of range.

Unable to destroy.