Tomorrow Never Dies

The press are already
screaming for blood.

The last thing we want to do
is escalate the situation.

I'm afraid it may be too late
to worry about that.

Seventeen British sailors murdered!
"According to Vietnamese officials
who recovered the bodies...

the victims were riddled
with the same ammunition...

used by the Chinese Air Force."
- Did you leak this?
- No.

- It's the first I've heard of it.
- Well, this settles it.

We send in the fleet.
M, you have 48 hours to investigate.
There is one strange thing.
When I called our contact
in Saigon, he said the Vietnamese...

only found our sailors
three hours ago.

How'd they get the paper out so fast?
Somebody at Tomorrow knew
before the Vietnamese government did.

How much do you know
about Elliot Carver, 007?

Worldwide media baron.
Able to topple governments
with a single broadcast.

Carver owns that newspaper Tomorrow.
I didn't want to discuss it
in front of the minister...

but that mysterious signal came
from one of Carver's satellites.

The P.M. Would have my head
if he knew you were investigating him.

I'm sending you to Hamburg, 007.
We've arranged for you to be invited tonight...

to a party
at Carver's Media Center.

They're celebrating the launch
of a new satellite...

because now he has the ability to reach
every human being on the Earth.

Except the Chinese,
who have refused broadcast rights.

Your ticket, cover story
and rental car reservation.

Sign here, please.
I believe you once had a relationship
with Carver's wife, Paris.

That was a long time ago, M...
before she was married.
I didn't realize
it was public knowledge.

Queen and country, James.