Tomorrow Never Dies

If you'll just sign here,
Mr. Bond.

It's the insurance damage waiver...
for your beautiful new car.
- Will you need collision coverage?
- Yes.

- Property destruction?
- Definitely.

Personal injury?
I hope not, but accidents do happen.
They frequently do with you.
Well, that takes care
of the normal wear and tear.

Do I need any other protection?
Only from me, 007, unless you bring
that car back in pristine order.

- Shall we?
- Shall we?

Your new BMW 750.
All the usual refinements...
machine guns, rockets...

the G.P.S. Tracking system.
Welcome. Please fasten seat belt and
obey all instructions for a safe trip.

I thought you'd pay more attention
to a female voice.

- I think we've met.
- I am not interested...

in your sordid escapades.
Let's get on with it, shall we?
Your new telephone.
Talk here, listen here.
So that's what I've been
doing wrong all these years.

It also includes
a fingerprint scanner...

and a 20,000-volt
security system.

And this I'm particularly proud of...
the remote control for your car.
Tap twice.
One, two.
Now, draw your finger...
very slowly across the pad...
to drive the car.
It's surprisingly difficult to drive,
but with practice...

Well, let's see how she responds
to my touch, eh, Q?