Tomorrow Never Dies

Something to drink, Mrs. Carver?
Mr. Bond will have a vodka martini,
shaken not stirred.

Mrs. Carver will have a tequila,
straight shot.

No, Mrs. Carver will have a glass
of Mr. Carver's champagne.

I see you've moved up
in the world, Paris.

And tonight, you're a banker.
I saw the guest list.

Tell me, James, do you still sleep
with a gun under your pillow?

- To you.
- No, to the gun.

So I take it
this isn't a social visit?

Your husband may be in trouble.
The emperor of the air.
If you think you're going after him,
you're the one who's in trouble.

Perhaps, but it's either him
or someone in his organization.

I see. And you figured you could
charm the dirt out of me.

No. That wasn't my plan.
Good. Because if it
comes to a choice...

between you and Elliot,
I've made my bed.

You don't sleep in it anymore.
There you are.
I've been looking
everywhere for you.

I want you to meet Wai Lin,
New China News Agency.

- Hello, Mrs. Carver.
- It's a pleasure.

And this is James Bond.
I didn't realize
you knew each other.

- We're old friends.
- Casual acquaintances.

He dated my roommate in Zurich.
I'm thinking of getting Wai Lin
behind a news desk.

That's wonderful.
I'm sure she won't resist...

too much.
Tell me, Elliot, I was just
wondering about your satellites...

the way you've positioned
yourself globally.

They're merely tools
for information, Mr. Bond.