Tomorrow Never Dies

Mr. Carver's broadcast will be starting
in ten minutes in the main studio.

Exactly what kind of banking
do you specialize in, Mr. Bond?

Hostile takeovers.
Shall we?

Carver must feel at home
in a room like this.

It's nice to talk to the world.
Looks like there's someone
who wants to talk to you.

Mr. Bond, you have
an urgent phone call.

Ladies and gentlemen,
we are live in five...

four, three, two...
Good evening.
Tonight's broadcast was supposed
to be a celebration...

marking the completion of
the Carver Global Satellite Network.

But, as you're well aware...
a terrible conflict looms tonight
in the South China Sea...

which, unchecked...
has the potential to destroy
every human being on Earth.

- I want to assure my viewers that I...
- This way, please.

Elliot Carver, have spoken
with the prime minister in London...

and the chairman in Beijing...
and have offered my services
as an impartial...

It's a soundproof room, Mr. Bond.
Nobody hears you scream.

Herr Stamper, we have made contact.
Make him uncomfortable.
I'll be there in a few moments.
...with its printing presses
that run 24 hours a day...

and its satellite facilities
linking every last...