Tomorrow Never Dies

But do not fear me...
for tonight I offer you
my declaration of principles:

A promise to the men and women
of this planet...

my brothers and sisters
whom I so humbly serve.

I promise to report the news
without fear or favor.

I promise to be a force
for good in this world...

fighting injustice,
crushing intolerance...

battling inhumanity.
It's time for...
a station break.
- What's happening?
- We've lost power.

- We're off the air.
- What?

Ladies and gentlemen, please stay calm.
There's no need to go for the exit.

We will go on in a few minutes' time.
What do you mean, you don't know?
You're fired! Get out of my sight!

And, in a rather embarrassing note...
scrappy media mogul Elliot Carver
was cut off the air tonight...

in mid-speech during
the inaugural broadcast...

of his Worldwide Satellite Network.
Sorry, Elliot,
but we didn't do it.