Tomorrow Never Dies

Glorious evening, wasn't it?
Come on, Elliot.
Ignore those people.

- Sometimes these things happen.
- Not to me.

Not to me!
When I was 16, I went to work
for a newspaper in Hong Kong.

It was a rag, but the editor
taught me one important lesson.

The key to a great story
is not who...

or what or when...
but why.
Your friend, Mr. Bond,
made a mess tonight.

- I want to know why.
- I told you, I barely know him.

I was curious
who Carver would send.

He's on to you.
Well, we know where you stand.
You made your bed.
I'm standing in your doorway.
Then turn around and go home.
You can tell him you didn't
get anything out of me.

That's it? Go home?
I didn't ask you
to get involved in this.