Tomorrow Never Dies

I don't think so.
You may have seen the general
in the hallway just now...

but perhaps,
with all your jetting around...

you've not had chance to peruse
today's headlines.

I rather like the last one.
It isn't even mine.

I never believe what I read
in the press anyway.

Ah. Therein lies
your problem, Mr. Bond.

You see we're both men of action,
but your era and Miss Lin's is passing.

Words are the new weapons,
satellites the new artillery.

And you become the new
supreme allied commander?

Caesar had his legions,
Napoleon had his armies...

I have my divisions...
TV, news, magazines.

And by midnight I'll have reached
and influenced more people...

than anyone in the history
of this planet, save God Himself.

And the best He ever managed
was the Sermon on the Mount.

You really are quite insane.
The distance
between insanity and genius...

is measured only by success.
Excuse me.
General Chang is waiting.
If you'll forgive me,
your appearance here has forced me...

If you'll forgive me,
your appearance here has forced me...

to move up
my timetable slightly.

I'll leave you in the capable hands
of Mr. Stamper and his toys.

Perhaps you'd like to see them.
Sir. The helicopter.
Thanks, Gupta.
Mr. Stamper is a protégé
of the late Dr. Kaufman...

who was schooling him in
the ancient art of chakra torture.

He was like a father to me.
Interesting role model.

According to Eastern philosophy,
the body has seven chakra points.

Energy centers,
like the heart or genitals.

The purpose of these implements
is to probe those organs...

inflicting the maximum amount
of pain...

whilst keeping the victim alive
for as long as possible.

Dr. Kaufman's record
was 52 hours.

I'm hoping to break it.