Tomorrow Never Dies

Lucky for you I stopped by.
I could've
taken care of him.

But you didn't.

Give me the earring.
Copy of a Makarov 59.
Standard issue, Chinese Army.

Looks like General Chang
wants you dead.

You still think
you can do this alone?

It depends whether your mission
is peace or revenge.

This is about stopping a war.
Last year we found
stealth material was missing...

from one of
General Chang's bases.

I followed a lead
to Carver's headquarters in Hamburg.

Stealth material?
We thought he was building
a stealth plane.

No. Stealth boat.
That's the only way they could
get close to the Devonshire...

so they could drill inside
the missile room.

Remember? They stole
a cruise missile from that ship.

He said he was moving the timetable
forward to midnight.

Yes, of course he did.
Under cover of darkness
he'll position the stealth boat...

near the British fleet...
fire the missile into China.
- And we will retaliate.
- And Carver will provide the pictures.