Tomorrow Never Dies

It's invisible to radar,
but not the human eye.

Very novel.
He'd have to hide it someplace...
where he could sail to the Devonshire
and back in one night.

This looks familiar.
We've made some improvements.
Have you, indeed?
Okay. Four hours out
and four hours back.

Let's assume the boat is traveling
at a speed of 30 knots.

I've always been a fan
of Chinese technology.

According to this...
there are four places
where he could harbor the boat.

Up on your left.
What don't you run a cross check on those areas
for anything suspicious.

Ah, the new Walther.
I asked Q for getting me one of these.
I've got it. Look.
Four missing boats.
Three unexplained drownings.

That has to be it.
Ha Long Bay.
He knows the island.
He says that they all avoid it that is dangerous for
boats to be around there at sunset...

but for 5,000 American dollars...
he'll take us.
Maybe he'll take a check.