Tomorrow Never Dies

- Our fleets will finish the job.
- If they got our message.

- Okay, you, up and over.
- Okay.

We're in position
between the fleets.

Fire one missile
at the flagship of each fleet.

The Chinese will think the British
are rattling the saber...

the British will think the Chinese
are being belligerent...

and the media will provide
cool, objective coverage.

Let the mayhem begin.
Missile lock-on.
Send a signal to the Admiralty:
"Task group under missile attack."

Sir, AWACS reports two waves
of land-based MIG 21s inbound.

The first group should be
on our screens in two minutes.

How long before the MiGs are within
firing range of the British fleet?

Twelve minutes.
What the hell do I pay you for?
If she's there,
Bond is there.

Stamper, find them.
Wai Lin! Wai Lin!

If she blinks, kill her.
You come with me.