Tomorrow Never Dies

What on earth's going on?
A message from 007...
just confirmed by
my opposite number in China.

"Tell the fleet to search for a ship
that's invisible will almost invisible to radar."

The Chinese aren't the enemy.
Carver's been playing
both sides for fools.

Admiral, sir,
urgent message from the Admiralty.

Look at this.
If you got anything on radar that looks very small?
Lifeboat, periscope, anything?

- No, sir.
- Stealth boat, sir? They have gone mad.

What you're about to witness, Miss Lin,
is not so much a missile attack...

but the launch
of a new world order.

In Prosaically five minutes, after your countrymen
have attacked the British fleet...

I shall retaliate
for dear old England...

by sending this missile
into Beijing...

where General Chang has just called
an emergency meeting...

of the Chinese high command.
General Chang
will be delayed in traffic...

arriving just after the missile
has killed your leaders...

and too late to stop the air force
from sinking the entire British fleet.

But he will be just in time to take over
the government, negotiate a truce...

and emerge as a world leader...
with a Nobel Peace Prize.
- And what do you get?
- Me?

Oh, nothing.
Just exclusive broadcasting rights
in China for the next hundred years.

Ready to rock and ruin.
If you'll excuse me, my dear,
I have something of a deadline to meet.

Prepare for the missile launch.
Mr. Gupta.