Tomorrow Never Dies

You're too late again,
Mr. Bond.

It's a bad habit of yours.
There's nothing you can do.
"T" minus two minutes
and counting.

The missile's fully programmed.
It can't be stopped.
In a matter of minutes
my plan will succeed.

Thanks largely
to your efforts...

the British Navy
will destroy the evidence...

and I'll be out of here
in a Carver news helicopter...

covering the event.
It's going to be
a fantastic show.

I may have some breaking news
for you, Elliot.

You forgot the first rule
of mass media, Elliot...

Give the people what they want.
"T" minus one minute
and counting.

Drop it, Mr. Bond...
or I drop your friend.
It's over, Stamper.
Let her go.
Not between you and me.
James, try the detonators.
The missile will set them off.