Power transfer is complete.
I didn't watch Star Trek,
the original series,

in the first season
before I was on.

I mean, I took one look
at the styrofoam rocks,

and I said, "Forget it.
I'm not going to watch this."

Tlhingan hol dajatlh'a'?
It means, "Can you
speak Klingon?"

You have to give
the right answer.

Otherwise, there's
dire consequences.

I dance at powwows, and I'm into
the lndian way of life and things,

and I'm also a Trekker.
It's the greatest feeling
in the world,

and I do it about 30 to 35
to 40 times a year.

To walk out onstage
and to feel that love

that just pours
right out at you,

and it's just fans.
Kirk lmpersonator:
I've been a fan.

I grew up with it,
so I couldn't help but be a fan.

This is the Andorian
ambassador Edvaark,

and I am guard number 48,
and this is guard number 28.

That's right.
You have to understand
that, um...

even now, I still have--
I still have an ongoing process
of trying to grasp all of this,

even now.
The name's Douglas Marcks.
I live in Portland.
I've been a fan of Star Trek
for a number of years.

I mean, I actually started
watching it back in the sixties.

You know, I've been in this
for 7 years now,

and it's starting
to become normal.