U Turn

- Your radiator hose is busted.
- l know. What did l just tell you?

lf you know so much,
fix it yourself.

lf l could, l wouldn't be here.
Fix it, or l'll go someplace else.

Someplace else?
That's 50 miles from here.

The station downtown
closed some three years ago.

Okay. Can you fix it or not?
- Yeah, l can.
- Great.

l'll see if l have a hose
like that one. lt'll take some time.

- How much time?
- l don't know. Time.

- What time is it now?
- 10:20.

Arizona ...
- lt must be 90 already.
- 92.

- What happened to your hand?
- An accident.

You've got to be more careful.
Hands is important.

l don't know if you can still
see it, but when l was a kid ...

lnteresting ...
Where can l get something to drink?

There's a diner. lt ain't much.
Us simple folk like it.
l'll be back in a couple of hours.
Just be real careful with it.

- lt's just a car.
- lt's a '64 Mustang Convertible.

That's the reason why you live here
and l'm just passing through.

- l'll just get some things out.
- Knock yourself out.