U Turn

- That's right on my way.
- Mother warned me about strangers.

l'm Bobby. Now we're not strangers.
See how easy that was, beautiful?

- Do you have to call me that?
- l don't know your name.

- Maybe l don't want you to.
- Then why did you stop walking?

- You're full of yourself.
- l like that about me.

- lt's Grace.
- Grace, can l carry your package?

- Can you manage? Shall l take that?
- No, it's no trouble.

- What happened to your hand?
- An accident.

You should be more careful.
lt's just drapes and curtain rods.

l got so tired of the old ones.
My mother made them.

l just knew l had to have these.
Ever felt you had to have something?

- Yes, l have.
- This is it.

- Thank you, Bobby.
- You're welcome, Grace.

- You're not from around here.
- No, my car overheated up the road.

Lucky you weren't in the desert.
A day like today, you'd be dead.

When are you leaving?
Not until l get my car back.
And here l made you
all hot and sweaty.

- Morning, Grace.
- Morning, Sheriff.

- Got my drapes.
- You got yourself a helper, too.

Morning, Sheriff.
- Nice to meet you, son.
- Same to you, Sheriff.