U Turn

You carry my parcels
and we go to bed?

- l'm going back to town.
- l like to know about a man first.

- Find out what he's made of.
- Thanks for the lemonade.

- You didn't answer me.
- You're still playing.

What is it you want?
Jake ...
l thought you were in Phoenix.

Who the hell is this?
- Who in the hell are you?
- Her husband.

Who are you? lt had better be good,
or l'll break you in half.

l was just giving your wife
a hand with the drapes.

- lt didn't look like that.
- That's all.

- A lot that means.
- Grace, tell him.

l suppose he just wandered up here?
l should paddle your ass raw!

You sucker me up here so the two
of us can beat each other over you?

Forget it.
You don't just walk in and walk out.
- You broke my nose!
- lt ain't broke.

Get going, pipsqueak.