U Turn

You're a jealous man. lf you can't
have Grace to yourself ...

You're not the sharing kind.
l have what you call
a love-hate relationship with Grace.

- You love her, but you hate her.
- No, l hate loving her.

l hate having to tolerate
the little games she plays.

Like fucking half this town behind
my back and laughing at me. Bitch!

She wants me to hit her. She
likes it. She likes to torture me.

But after all ...
She's my family.

She's my little girl.
My baby.

l couldn't stand to watch her
as she sucks her last breath.

No. Not me.
But you ...
You've got a killing in you.

Let's say l want the bitch dead.
- What do you want?
- How do you put a price on murder?

l put it at $50,000
minus your cut, of course. Which is?

- 20,000.
- l don't have that kind of money.

- Getting the insurance takes time.
- How much can you get?

Maybe 10,000.
- l need 13,000.
- That's a bit much.