U Turn

Putyour arms around me.
- Why?
- Don't fuck around like your mama.

He was raping me the whole time.
For years.

My mom ...
lt tore her up 'cause she couldn't
do nothing about it.

She became an alcoholic.
They found my mama down here.
At the bottom of Apache Leap.
Virgil, Sheriff Potter, said
she was drunk and went insane.

l'd never believe
she ran off that cliff by accident.

She was like me.
She just wanted to fly away.

l'm so sorry.
What are you going to? Life, right?
- Have you ever been to California?
- Yes.

- ls it pretty?
- lt's another world.

lt's beautiful beaches
and blue water.

Clear sky,
as far as the eye can see.

Take me with you.
l won't hang on you.