A Civil Action

It's like this. A dead plaintiff
is rarely worth as much

as a living,
severely maimed plaintiff.

However, if it's a long,
agonising death,

as opposed to a quick drowning
or car wreck,

the value can rise considerably.
A dead adult in his 20s is worth less
than a middle-aged one,

a dead woman less than a dead man,
single adults less than married,
black less than white,
poor less than rich.

But the perfect victim
is a white, male, professional -

40 years old, at the height
of his earning power,

struck down in his prime.
And the most imperfect?
Well, in the calculus
of personal injury law,

a dead child is worth least of all.
A million dollars he turns down.
- One million dollars!
- I don't believe their story.

- It's true.
- Come on!

- Hey, Eddie. How you doing?
- Good.

Do me a favour - shut the fuck up.
Our banker there doesn't know
Jan refused a million.

- Sorry.
- Yeah.