Just listen to that crowd.
- Reggie!

Come on, Reggie! Hit another homerun!
- Coop, he's already hit two.

It's a high fly ball to right...
That's way back
and it's... gone.
Reggie Jackson hits
his 3rd home run of the game.

Good catch, Coop!
- I can't believe it!

I totally had it,
but my glasses slipped.

Remer, someday I'm gonna become
a big sports star. - Whatever you say.

You just watch me, dude.
There was a time in America
when contests of athletic prowess

were a metaphor for the nobility of man.
Historic moments,
forged by the love of the game,

celebrated the human potential
to achieve excellence. But as time passed
and the country neared the millennium,

something went awry.
Manning rolls right. He's got Plough
at the ten... Touchdown,

The ideal of sportsmanship
began to take a back seat
to excessive celebration.

The athletes caring less about playing
than planning the vulgar grandstanding

that inevitably followed even the most
pedestrian of accomplishments.

The games became
subordinate to the quest for money.

Stadiums and arenas became no more
than giant billboards
to promote commercial products.