Black Cat Run

Water down there.
Hey, one ladle per customer, shithead.
Watch that shithead talk, bitch.
It's my ass.
Yeah, I'll see your ass
in the fucking showers.

You know the goddamn rules.
Okay. Come on. Let's move on.
Hey. They should know the
goddamn rules by now.

That's all I'm sayin'. One ladle per person.
Just calm down.
They should know the
goddamn rules by now.

I'm calm.
I'm calm. I'm calm.
Hey, what's happenin'?
You want this shovel up your ass?
Get the fuck out of my face.
Are you here to work,
Wheeler, or exercise your jaw?

Hey, boss, I was just tellin' Hobbs
I ain't thirsty, that's all.

I don't give a shit if you was
sayin' up a Hosanna for his soul.

A Ho-sanna?
Now what the fuck is a Hosanna?
I's like a quick attitude
check if I was you, boy.

It's your world, boss.
I'm just diggin' through, ya know?