Black Cat Run

All right.
I don't see no trophy.
That's 'cause I ain't got one.
A blown head gasket saw to that.
Count my blessings.
I don't need another damn trophy
jammin' up the window, col-lectin' dust.
I don't know why you waste your time.
It's called tuition.
College is good for makin'
doctors and lawyers, boy.

And you ain't got the
brains for neither.

Come on, Homer, let's get
you some supper.

God damn, that head gasket anyways.
Oh. Howdy, Sara Jane.
You look mighty pretty today.
What are you doing here?
Ah, I was just about to go on duty.
I thought I'd stop by and have
me a few words with the sheriff.

About what?
Ahh, things. This and that.
Hey, by the way, what'd you
think of that race today, huh?

Wasn't that somethin'?
What race is that, Norm?
The race old Normy won.
The race that Johnny
Del Grissom took you to.