Black Cat Run

Howdy, Mister Bartlett.
Whatcha after, a fill-up?
Suite me fine.
Fill-up it is.
You just stay in the car.
I got somethin' t say to you.
It'd be a good idea if you paid
attention 'cause I'm not gonna repeat myself.

I'm listenin'.
If you ever so much as look in my
daughter's direction again, so help me God.

I'll break your neck with my own hands.
Am I makin' myself pretty damn....
Get back in the car, Sara Jane.
Stay there.
Now, you've had fair warning.
And that's all the warning you're gonna get.
Some kind of problem here, Sheriff?
Only problem is this boy of yours.
Gonna wind up in the hospital
if he doesn't watch his step.

What's the matter?
Isn't he good enough for your little girl?
Wha-, what does she do?
She piss champagne, crap caviar, huh?
What does she do?
I've said all I'm gonna say on this matter.
In that case, I'll thank you kindly
to get the hell off my place.

Stay off!
Sheriff. Can I talk to you
for just one minute, sir?

Get in the car, Sara Jane.
Get in the goddamn car.
All right!
Sheriff, I just want one minute
of your time, please.

You gonna talk to me for just one minute?