Black Cat Run

You've gotta listen to me.
The men that did this took Sara Jane...
and they're out on the road right now.
I'm the only hope that she's got.
Did you cut that man down
like they're sayin' or not?

I did not.
Well, either you're tellin'
the truth...
You better make up your mind, old man.
One way or the other.
If you're lyin' to me,
they're gonna have to pry me
off your ass with a crowbar.

Grissom, goddamnit!
Where is he?
Where are you hidin' him?
I seems to remember telling you,
you ain't welcome here no more.

Now, are you uh, ya hard of hearin'
or are you just plain fuckin' stupid.

See anything in there?
Man oughta clean these damn windows.
We could check around back.
Go on, check around back.
So what the man says.
Get on back there. See what's what.
Bill, let's not...
...make this any harder than it has to be.
Johnny Del's way in over his head this time.
The sheriff's lyin' dead
out there on the highway.

Courtesy of your boy.
Yeah, what do you got
to say to that, Mister Grissom?

Well, that's a bunch of bullshit.
Oh, shit !
Sam, let's go!
Move it! Move it!
Let's go!