Black Cat Run

Water, water, water.
Ooh-hoo, dead body.
Okay, I can't deal with this right now.
Agh. Oh, Grissom! Agh!
He's out of control.
Smart girl.
Goddamn. Goddamn. All right, okay.
W-were you Daddy's girl?
Are you clean? Huh?
You'd have to be clean for me.
I'm gonna ask you to do a
little favor for me.

I want you to let me put
my finger in your mouth.

Stop it. Stop.
Come here.
Stop it.
Come here, baby.
Get the hell, get the hell off!
Hey! Ain't she a little
bit old for you?Huh, shot eyes?

What the hell is that
supposed to mean?

It means you're over the hill
for him, honey.

Hobbs here,
he likes 'em about nine years old.
Ain't that right?
Fucking sick pig.
Well, you ain't my idea of a
dream date either, you little bitch!

Now, you open your fucking mouth
Get off of me!
or I'm gonna push your
teeth down your fucking throat!

You fucker!
You fucker!